Public safety lifeline volunteers registration and ID card

We wanted to clarify the difference between the two different types of 'registration' you'll hear about as a public safety lifeline volunteer (PSLV).

You will also find information about EMBC ID cards. Your PSLV group/team lead will let you know if this is something they use.

EMBC registration and TASK registration

You will likely hear both TASK registration and EMBC registration. Let us explain both terms and how they are different. 

Task registration – as a volunteer you will be asked to 'register' when you arrive on-scene to perform your duties. Basically, a task registration is a sign in sheet that tracks the volunteers that are assigned to an emergency incident.

By signing on as part of a task registration the B.C. government will provide workers’ compensation and liability coverage for eligible training sessions, exercises, seminars, workshops, and emergency tasks.

For reference, these are TASK forms for leaders and regional managers

EMBC registration – You may be asked to register with EMBC. In most cases you will receive an ID card (see Identification cards) as part of this registration. If applicable, your team/group leader will ask you to complete the registration form. 

Apart from providing ID, this type of registration creates an official record with EMBC. This way, when a volunteer signs onto a TASK registration, EMBC has their information on file. In addition, EMBC registration may provide funding for equipment and occupational health and safety programming to the organization the volunteer works with.

Team/group leaders, see EMBC Policy 1.05 for related documents.


Identification cards

An ID card, with a photograph of the individual and their affiliated organization, may be issued to a public safety lifeline volunteer by request—if your organization uses them. 

ID cards may help establish an individual's authority to access designated sites in an emergency, particularly areas that may not be accessible to the public. ID cards are the property of EMBC.

If your organization does use ID cards and registers their volunteers with EMBC, the group/team leader will provide you with the necessary form. Volunteers aged 16 to 18 years will need a parent or guardian sign the consent. In order to process an ID card, we require a photograph that includes your head and shoulders.

Completed applications are then sent to the group/team’s EMBC Regional Office. Once the applicable EMBC Regional Manager has signed off on the registration, it is then forwarded to the EMBC head office for processing. Group/teams should retain a copy of the package for their files.

Completed ID cards will be mailed to the team leader or person indicated on the batch sheet. 

Team/group leaders, see EMBC Policy 1.05 for related documents.


Renew or update information

ID cards must be renewed every five years and surrendered upon termination of volunteer status.

If your personal information needs to be updated, ask your team lead and they'll have you complete a new EMBC registration form.

Loss of an ID card should be immediately reported to the appropriate EMBC Regional Manager or public safety group/team leader. 


Regional office contacts

For questions and concerns, talk with your team leader or contact your EMBC regional office.

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