Emergency Support Services (ESS) volunteers

Emergency Support Services (ESS) is a provincial program for local authorities and Indigenous governments to deliver services to the public in an emergency. They often depend on volunteers to coordinate these services for people forced from their homes because of an emergency.

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What volunteers do

Volunteer responsibilities may include:

  • Coordinating the provision of
    • Food, clothing, and lodging
    • Emotional support
    • Pet care
    • Transportation
  • Family reunification
  • Identifying locations for reception centres and group lodging to house and feed people forced from their homes
  • Working with local businesses, service organizations and government agencies
  • Providing information about the crisis
  • Finding and coordinating other volunteers

How to join

ESS teams consist of volunteers (regular and convergent) ready to be deployed to an emergency event when called upon. Teams are managed locally. If you're interested in joining, contact your local authority or local ESS team to learn more. 


The ESS program relies on trained members of a community to meet the needs of people in an emergency.

Provincial resources

Provincial resources are composed of experienced and highly trained ESS volunteers who travel at short notice to communities that request assistance.

Volunteer resources

General — for all public safety lifeline volunteers 


Volunteer safety and code of conduct

We are committed to the safety of all public safety lifeline volunteers. 

Code of conduct 

Volunteers have a high level of responsibility and accountability while performing their duties. The code of conduct documents outline the expectations and responsibilities of each registered volunteer, and contain the process for a breach of the Code of Conduct.

Workers compensation coverage

Liability coverage