Emergency support services course calendar

These EMBC sponsored courses are for members of the emergency support services (ESS) community. A sponsored course means there are no fees for ESS responders. You must have approval from your local emergency management or emergency support services leader to apply. The Justice Institute of BC (JIBC) will review your application.

Application instructions

  • Submit one application per course.
  • Identify the course code and date on your application.
  • If there is a prerequisite, you must complete it before starting your course. 
  • You'll receive an application receipt after you apply. This does not mean you're in the course. The JIBC will email you confirmation if they admit you to the course.

ESS virtual course descriptions and dates

Training for the Evacuee Registration and Assistance (ERA) tool is coming in the Fall 2021.

Introductory online courses

These online courses are available year-round through the Justice Institute of BC (JIBC). Click on the course links below to register directly with JIBC.

*Prerequisite: EMRG 1600

Virtual classes for ESS responders

These classes are organized by us in partnership with JIBC. Check the dates below and use the links to apply.

Course prerequisites: EMRG–1100 Introduction to EM // EMRG-1600 Introduction to ESS // EMRG-1610 Introduction to Reception Centres // EMRG-1615 Registration and Referrals
Delivery: Self-directed/online and schedule virtual classroom session, 7 hours per week over 3 weeks

This course is a hybrid online offering which is instructor led. It blends self-directed coursework with scheduled virtual classroom sessions. It's held over over 3 consecutive weeks and is equal to the in-person course. Students will:

  • Engage with other director candidates in activities, discussions, and live virtual sessions, and
  • Spend about 7 hours a week on course activities and live virtual classroom sessions

Please note: Students must be able to attend live virtual sessions on Saturday mornings for up to 2.5 hours.

ESS director course offerings*
Course name Location Date Application deadline
ESS director (EMRG-1681) Online November 20 to December 10, 2021 October 27

*In-person offerings of the ESS director course remain on hold until further notice.  

If your application for the course is approved, you'll receive an email with further information. Please send questions to ess@jibc.ca.

Director course application

The Registration and Referrals (R&R) course has transitioned to include a hybrid online/virtual course facilitated by JIBC instructors.

This course is essential for all ESS workers and volunteers who will be processing digital and/or paper-based registration and referrals. During the course, students will learn foundational policy and procedures of the registration and referral functions; and engage in interactive learning opportunities for applied individual and group practice.

Click below to register directly with JIBC.

Registration and referrals course dates


Emergency management training

We sponsor a selection on online emergency management courses for registered public safety lifeline volunteers (PSLV) in the ESS community. A sponsored course means course fees are waived for ESS responders who have received local EM/ESS leadership approval to apply. 

To see a list of sponsored courses and application information go to the emergency management course descriptions and calendar

In-person ESS training schedule

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all sponsored in-person ESS training has been cancelled until further notice. If you are interested in more information online or correspondence course options, please contact the JIBC ESS Instructional Team ess@jibc.ca.

To read course descriptions or register for a course, see the Justice Institute of British Columbia website (JIBC). Or contact the JIBC by phone 604 528-5667 or e-mail ess@jibc.ca.