Family Justice Counsellors

Family justice counsellors (FJCs) work in Family Justice Centres and Justice Access Centres throughout British Columbia. They provide services to people going through separation and divorce.

FJCs are specially trained to help families resolve their issues about guardianship, parenting arrangements, contact with a child and support.

There is no charge for their services.

The services they provide include:

  • Individual needs assessment meetings (providing information about family law, your options, referrals to community services, etc.)
  • Consensual dispute resolution (mediation or shuttle mediation)
  • Children in Mediation interviews

These services are available to families throughout the province. You don’t have to start the court process to receive services from a family justice counsellor.

For more details about the services provided by FJCs, see When should I see a family justice counsellor? You can also find more information in the Family Justice Centres brochure and the Justice Access Centre brochure.

In some Provincial Court locations you must meet with an FJC as part of the family law process. This meeting is called needs assessment. You must also complete some other court requirements.

In Early Resolution Registries you will meet with an FJC after a Notice to Resolve has been filed. You must meet with an FJC before you can file an Application or Reply About a Family Law Matter.

In Family Justice Registries you will meet with an FJC after an Application About a Family Law Matter has been filed. At least one of the parties must meet with an FJC before your first court date (a Family Management Conference) will be scheduled. 

See Going to Provincial Court for more information.