How the Recalculation Service works

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I need to have my child support recalculated. It’s required by the court.

If you get a new court order that requires you to have your child support recalculated:

  1. The court registry will send a copy of the order to the Child Support Recalculation Service (CSRS).
  2. Shortly after, you and the other parent named in the order will receive a confirmation letter and information package.

I want to have my child support recalculated.

If your order or written agreement does not say your child support must be recalculated, you or the other parent can still apply for the CSRS. It doesn’t matter if you receive child support (recipient) or pay child support (payor)—if you enrol, the other parent is enrolled automatically.

The CSRS cannot reduce or cancel unpaid child support amounts (child support arrears). If parents do not agree on the arrears owed, a parent can make an application to court, and a judge can decide on child support arrears. Family Justice Centres can help to provide information regarding the court process.

Apply to enrol in the CSRS

You can apply to the service:

  1. Complete and print the Child Support Recalculation Application.
  2. Mail the completed form to:

Child Support Recalculation Service
PO Box 2074 Station Main
Vancouver BC V6B 3S3

Contacting the parents

If you’re eligible for recalculation, CSRS will notify you and the other parent. The notice will include:

  • A CSRS file number
  • Information on the recalculation process
  • Any next steps

After your enrolment is confirmed

The process to recalculate your child support takes about four months. The CSRS will:

  1. Set the recalculation anniversary date based on:
    • Your order or agreement date, or
    • Another date depending on when you enrolled

The recalculation anniversary date is the date when your new child support amount will start and become payable.

  1. Request current income tax information from the payor and sometimes the recipient if their income is also required to determine the child support amount or special expenses.
  2. Send a notice to both parents with the new child support amount and the date it will start.
  3. Send a final notice to both parents to confirm the new child support amount has started.

CSRS will use your income tax information filed for the most recent tax year, so it’s important to file your taxes each year with the Canada Revenue Agency.

When income information is not provided

If the CSRS does not receive your income tax information that you and/or the other parent have been asked to provide, the service can still recalculate your child support. To do this, CSRS may:

  • Add 10 to 30 percent to the parent’s income amount last used to determine child support in an order, agreement or recalculation decision, and
  • Use the higher income amount to recalculate your child support.

The rate of increase will depend on how much time has passed since your child support was last reviewed.

Recalculation decision

The CSRS will recalculate your child support amount if it differs by at least $5.00 per month from the current amount. The service will send the recalculation decision called a Statement of Recalculation to:

  • You and the other parent. The statement includes the results, and income information used to recalculate the child support amount, and the date it will start.
  • The court registry where your order was made or where your agreement was filed, so they can update your court file.

If you disagree with the recalculation

You can apply to the court within 30 days of receiving the Statement of Recalculation to change your order. Check with the court registry where your order was made or where your agreement was filed for information on how to apply. A court application will: 

  • Stop the recalculated child support amount from taking effect (your existing child support obligation continues), and
  • Inform the CSRS that you disagree with the recalculation decision. The service will monitor your recalculation file and the outcome of the application.

You may wish seek legal advice about your situation.

If you are enrolled in the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP)

The CSRS will send a copy of your Statement of Recalculation to the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program so they can update their records, if applicable.