Coroners Service Inquests

Inquests are formal court proceedings, with a five- to seven-person jury, held to publicly review the circumstances of a death. The jury hears evidence from witnesses under summons (same as a subpoena) in order to determine the facts of a death. The presiding coroner ensures the jury maintains the goal of fact-finding, not fault-finding. Upon conclusion of the inquest, a written report known as a Verdict is prepared. It includes the classification of the death and any jury recommendations on how to prevent deaths in similar circumstances. There are two types of Verdict documents posted on this site:

  • Verdict: The jury's verdict is usually posted at the end of the last day of the inquest, and it includes the jury’s findings and any recommendations
  • Verdict with Coroners Comments: This is the verdict with the presiding coroner's comments and a brief overview of the circumstances of the death. When this document is posted, it replaces the Verdict document (but will still include the jury's recommendations). If you are looking for the verdict for an inquest that is not already posted, please contact the BC Coroners Service

An inquest may be held if the Chief Coroner determines that it would be beneficial for: addressing community concern about a death, assisting in finding information about the deceased or circumstances around a death, and/or drawing attention to a cause of death if such awareness can prevent future deaths. An inquest is mandatory if the deceased was in the care or control of a peace officer (as defined in Part 1 of the Coroners Act) at the time of their death unless the Chief Coroner exercises the discretion provided under Section 18 of the Coroners Act.

Inquest Schedule

The following is a list of upcoming inquests. Click the name of the deceased for inquest scheduling information.

2019 Inquest Schedule, Verdicts and Verdicts with Coroner Comments

Inquest Start Date Location Name of Deceased Type of Inquest Posted Documents Recommendation Responses
Feb.19, 2019 Burnaby Mann, Gurwinder Singh Corrections Verdict  
May 21, 2019 Victoria Graham, Bradley Gregory Martins Corrections Verdict  
June 17, 2019 Victoria Eurchuk, Elliot Cleveland Mental Health Verdict  
July 15, 2019 Prince George Buehler, John Robert Police Involved Verdict  
Aug. 20, 2019 Campbell River Butters, James Reginald (aka Hayward, James) Police-Involved Verdict  
Sept. 9, 2019 Smithers Jonker, Jacobus Police-Involved Verdict  
Oct. 28, 2019 Burnaby Miles, Matthew Charles & Hanna, Kenneth Robert Police-Involved    
Nov, 12, 2019 Burnaby Murphy, James Michael Corrections    

Inquests – Date Pending

Inquest Date Location Name of Deceased Type of Inquest
TBA TBA Judd, Dylan Levi Provincial Corrections

Inquests Archive

The Media Information Guide to a Coroner's Inquest has been developed to assist media who are attending a scheduled coroner’s inquest. This information package provides an overview of coroner’s inquests in general, along with guidelines and requirements to prevent disruption of the courtroom or other venue.