Find out what to do when someone dies. Learn how to register a death in British Columbia and order a death certificate. Get information about wills and estates.

After a Death

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Find out what to do when someone dies in British Columbia. When someone dies, you will make decisions about what to do next. Find out the first steps, discover support options and learn about funerals and wills. While each situation is different, these pages guide you in the right direction.

Death Registration

Death registration is important for a number of reasons. Besides creating a legal record of the death, it makes it possible to issue the death certificates that survivors need to apply for benefits or insurance, and to take care of the administrative tasks of settling an estate.

Death Certificates

A death certificate is an extract of the information provided on the death registration. Individuals handling the estate of a deceased person will need to produce the death certificate whenever they are required to provide proof of death (e.g. to cancel a health card or driver's licence or to settle insurance or investments).

Wills Registry

The Vital Statistics Agency maintains the wills registry in British Columbia.

Wills and estates

A will is a legal document left by someone who’s died. It lets the court know what to do with that person’s estate