Child Death Review Unit

The Child Death Review Unit (CDRU) of the BC Coroners Service reviews the deaths of all children age 18 and under in B.C. The intent of these reviews is to better understand how and why children die, and to use those findings to prevent other deaths and improve the health, safety and well-being of all children in British Columbia.

Through the review of all child deaths, the CDRU gathers data that can show trends in child deaths. In some cases, deaths will be further reviewed by way of a cluster review or though the multi-disciplinary review process. Information arising from these various reviews is analyzed and shared with agencies and organizations to influence and develop programs to deter or prevent child deaths. By understanding the risks, we can be guided in determining the most significant opportunities for prevention.

Staffed with experts in the area of research and review, the unit also examines provincial and national trends with regard to child deaths.

Child Death Review Unit Reports

To view additional reports, please visit the CDRU Report Archive.


Child Mortality in British Columbia 2011-2016