BC Coroners Service Job Postings

There are 32 full-time coroners (appointed under Section 54 of the Coroners Act) and approximately 75 community coroners (appointed under Section 55 of the Coroners Act) working from five regional offices and the Offices of the Chief Coroner in Burnaby and Victoria.

  • Full-time coroners are excluded positions (the positions are not part of the B.C. Government Employees Union) within each regional office. When vacancies occur, positions are posted on MyHR, the B.C. government`s human resources website.
  • Community coroners work on an as-needed basis. This is not full-time employment; payment is based on hours worked. Check this page regularly for community coroner job postings.

The background preferred for community coroners is previous education and experience in legal, medical or investigative fields. Community coroners do not perform autopsies or other specialized procedures.

Applicants should have a demonstrated ability to work with grieving families in a sensitive, supportive manner; can provide leadership and coordination at scenes and have the ability to communicate effectively with the public, police, medical community and other agencies. The job requires excellent skills in communication and analysis.

Coroner Job Postings

None at this time.

Other Job Postings

None at this time.

Conveyance Contracts

The BC Coroners Service is looking for interest for a number of Conveyance Contracts in Body Removal and Transport and Ground Transportation.