How You May Feel - Crime Victims

Being a victim of crime can be scary and seriously affect your life. It is a traumatic experience that may produce physical, emotional and psychological responses you do not understand. It is important to know everyone experiences the effects of crime differently and that every reaction is normal.

Look after yourself and seek help and support from friends, family or victim services. To receive information or support and referral to a local victim service worker please call VictimLinkBC.

How You May Feel After Being a Victim of Crime

You may be feeling:

  • Shocked, panicked or powerless
  • Afraid, unsafe, empty, numb or lonely
  • Stressed, anxious, irritable or tired
  • Sad, depressed or angry
  • Guilty, embarrassed, ashamed or dirty

Common Reactions

Some common reactions you may experience include:

  • Having trouble controlling your emotions
  • Suffering from loss of self-esteem or sense of self-worth
  • Having trouble concentrating or being forgetful
  • Feeling constantly on the alert (or paranoid)
  • Having flashbacks or memories about the crime
  • Pushing others away and being alone
  • Changing sleeping or eating habits or having nightmares or insomnia

How to Deal With Your Feelings

Everyone reacts and deals with their feelings in their own way. Different coping mechanisms work for each person. The following tips may help you deal with your feelings and reactions.

  • Talk about how you feel with someone you trust
  • Do not make major life decisions at this time
  • Eat regularly and make sure you get physical exercise
  • Limit the use of alcohol and drugs
  • Be kind and gentle with yourself

Help and Support Available to You

Victim support services are available to help you with the healing process. They can often refer you to other community agencies that can help you. Your local victim services program can help you deal with the impact of being a victim of crime. To receive support or information and referrals to local resources, please call VictimLinkBC.