Family Information Liaison Unit

If you are a family member of an Indigenous woman or girl who is missing or has been murdered, the BC Family Information Liaison Unit (BC FILU) can help you.

Help includes:

  • Gathering information about your loved one’s case, including police investigations, coroners' reports and inquests, and court proceedings
  • Getting you information about policies and practices, including information about the criminal justice system, police procedures, child and family services, and health and social services
  • Providing you information in a compassionate, culturally-sensitive, and trauma-informed manner
  • Explaining to you why information may not be available
  • Connecting you to services and supports promoting healing and wellness, including referrals to local victim services, cultural supports, and grief counselling.

Family members include both blood relatives and non-blood relatives, such as adopted families, cultural kin, foster care relatives, and chosen family.

Accessing BC FILU Services:

BC FILU has offices in Vancouver and Prince George. Family Support Workers may also be able to meet with you in your home community.

Resources for Service Providers

If you are a service provider working with family members who may benefit from BC FILU’s services, please use these forms to assist your client with requesting information about a missing or murdered person.

BC FILU Webinar

This video for service providers explains the background of the BC FILU and how to refer family members to BC FILU's services.