Crime Victim Assistance Program Application Forms

The Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP) helps victims, immediate family members of victims, and witnesses affected by violent crime. Benefits provided by CVAP offset financial loss and assist in recovery from injuries.

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If you are concerned for your safety or privacy, do not save these forms to your computer. They can be filled in online and printed or printed and completed by hand. They are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You require the free Adobe Reader to use them.

Counselling Guidelines

The Crime Victim Assistance Program Counselling Guidelines are for victim services providers. They provide information on expectations, reporting requirements, limitations and reimbursement for counselling services.

Recent Changes to Counselling Benefits

The Community Safety and Crime Prevention Branch recently added a new counselling benefit that is now available through the Crime Victim Assistance Program. This benefit provides additional counselling sessions for eligible claimants to provide support during legal proceedings.

The intention of this benefit is to provide claimants with additional support to help address the trauma and victimization that can be triggered by legal proceedings. Legal proceedings often take place years after a crime occurs, and by that time the claimant may have used up all of their regular counselling benefits.