Systems Information FAQ - Mineral Titles

Last updated on June 30, 2022

What are the minimum requirements for my computer to allow Mineral Titles Online (MTO) to run well?

  • Current, powerful computer processor with sufficient memory
  • Internet access with a moderate to high-speed connection 
  • Access to an internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox etc.)
  • Email address to receive auto-generated emails from the system

What do I do if I'm using a pop-up blocker?

Pop-up blockers can make using the internet safer, but some trustworthy web sites, like Mineral Titles Online, use pop-ups to deliver important information.

Add to your pop-up blocker's trusted sites list.

Review the security setting on your browser of choice.

If you have installed a third-party pop-up blocker, you must consult your product's instructions on how to disable or allow certain sites to use pop-up windows. 


I am having trouble using the Adobe forms. Each time I enter data into the form it disappears. What can I do?

Save the PDF form to your computer before entering data.

Follow the instructions on our Forms page to save a form to your computer. Once you enter data into the form, save frequently.


When I try to access Mineral Tenures Online (MTO), it doesn’t open correctly or I get a message that it is unavailable. Who do I report this to

If you have any issues opening MTO,

  • Check News, Notices and Announcements on the Mineral Titles Branch website to see if there was a planned service outage as the system is taken offline periodically for maintenance.
  • If there was no planned service outage, report the issue to or leave a voice message at 1-866-616-4999