Work Report FAQ - Mineral Titles

Last updated on June 30, 2022

Where should I send my assessment report?


I just received a "Notice of Cancellation" asking me to submit an Exploration and Development report. I already registered a Statement of Work (SOW) in Mineral Titles Online. Why am I getting this notice?

You must register work in Mineral Titles Online and submit a work report. For more details about work reports see Information Update 14 - Submitting Exploration and Development Work Reports.

If you have received a Notice of Cancellation but you have already submitted a report, please contact Mineral Titles Branch. Be prepared to provide proof (date stamped title page / email confirmation receipt) that your report was submitted.


Can Mineral Titles Branch register a Statement of Work (SOW) on my behalf?

No. Mineral Titles branch will not register work in MTO on behalf of the recorded holder. We will offer assistance to a recorded holder or agent so they can complete the registration.

If you authorize someone to act as your agent, they can register a statement of work on your behalf.


My geologist is out of town, can I get an extension on my assessment report due date?

Contact Mineral Titles to discuss your request.


I tried entering information in the Physical Work Report form but wasn’t able to save my changes. How can I save my work in the form

The Physical Work Report form is an Adobe .PDF form.

Before selecting the form from the Mineral Titles Branch website, download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Then select the Physical Work Report form and download it to your computer BEFORE entering your information. Open the saved form, enter your information and save frequently to prevent losing your work