Vanderhoof Land & Resource Management Plan

The Vanderhoof Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP) is a consensus-based strategic land use plan for the management of specific values within a13,800 square kilometre plan area. The plan was built through participation by the public, local industry and government resource agencies and approved in 1997.

The Vanderhoof LRMP resulted in: 

  • Stability for all resource-based industries such as tourism and forestry
  • Six Protected Areas
  • An improved outlook for tourism and wildlife – particularly grizzly bear and woodland caribou.

The Vanderhoof LRMP divides a 1.38 million hectare land base into 20 resource management zones (RMZ) based on five different categories:

  • Settlement / agriculture emphasis (14% of plan area)
  • Resource development emphasis (56% of plan area)
  • Multi-value emphasis (17% of plan area)
  • Special management emphasis (4% of plan area)
  • Protected area (6% of plan area) 

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