Agrifood business management

Whether you are interested in starting a new farm, improving your existing farm, or building your food processing business, resources and information are available to help implement best practices for business growth.

Starting a New Farm

Starting a new farm

Information and guidance for new entrants to farming, or farmers looking to expand into emerging markets:

Starting a New Farm

Running a Farm

Running an agrifood or farm business

A comprehensive guide to managing the business side of an agricultural or food processing operation:

Running an Agrifood or Farm Business

Transferring a Farm

Transferring a farm

For farmers looking to pass on the family business or their personal wealth and assets:

Transferring a Farm

Taking Stock

Build agribusiness skills

Assess your  farm business management practices, including your farm management systems, knowledge, and skills, then create a Farm Action Plan that builds on your strengths. Our Taking Stock workbook will guide you through the process.

Learn how to improve your farm