Building Code Appeal Board

Under the Building Act (Part 4, sections 19-21), the Building Code Appeal Board hears appeals of decisions of a local authority on whether a matter conforms to a building regulation. It operates independently from government in its decision-making capacity.

Board members include subject-matter experts from outside government. A member of the Building and Safety Standards Branch serves as board secretary.

Meetings are held once a month (on the third Thursday). During each meeting, the board reviews appeal application packages to reach a decision. About 15 - 20 appeals are reviewed annually.

How to Apply

The appeal must involve a disagreement between an authority having jurisdiction (a building official) and an owner or his/her agent (a designer, builder, etc.) over interpretation or application of the code. The appeal must be made by the building owner or someone retained by the owner under contract or subcontract in respect of the design, construction, alteration, repair or demolition of the building.

It's best to apply by the end of the month to minimize wait times. Decisions take 3-8 weeks. Only in extenuating circumstances is an appeal conducted in the form of a hearing where parties attend.

Prepare an application: Submission packages must meet the following requirements:

  • A completed application form (PDF) – the applicant completes Section 1 and the building official completes Section 2
  • Written details of the dispute
  • Sufficient data to support the appeal (e.g. drawings and reports)
  • Applications can be either electronic or paper – paper copies must include six copies of the above items

Submit a package: Send applications with supporting documents to the secretary of the Building Code Appeal Board:

Mail Building and Safety Standards Branch
PO Box 9844 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, BC V8W 9T2
Courier Building and Safety Standards Branch
614 Humboldt Street - 4th Floor
Victoria, BC V8W 3A2

Schedule a review: Once an application is received and accepted, the board will send written confirmation to applicants notifying when their case will be considered. Incomplete submissions that do not meet requirements will be returned to applicants. Applicants are notified by email of a final decision.

Appeal Board Decisions

Board decisions are final and binding. The appeal board cannot relax, waive or alter any part of the BC Building Code. 

The board's decision can only be overruled if a court judicial review determines that the basic principles of administrative law had not been followed.

The appeal board does not approve building materials, products or systems.

Appeal Board Remuneration Reports

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