Building Code Appeal Board

The Building Code Appeal Board reviews appeals of local authority decisions related to building regulations. You can submit an appeal to the board for review.

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The board reviews appeals

The Building Code Appeal Board reviews appeals of local authority decisions on whether a matter conforms to a provincial building regulation, including the BC Building and Plumbing Codes. It operates under the Building Act (Part 4, sections 19 to 21).

The board does not hear:

  • Disputes related to local authorities issuing permits
  • Disputes related to enforcement regimes
  • Local authority bylaw requirements

The board makes decisions independent from government:

  • Board members include subject-matter experts from outside government
  • A member of the Building and Safety Standards Branch serves as board secretary

Meetings are typically held monthly. Each meeting, the board reviews appeal application packages to reach a decision.

Make an appeal

An appeal can be made to resolve a disagreement with a decision made by a local authority, such as a building official.
An appeal can only be made by:

  • The building owner, or
  • Someone retained by the owner under contract or subcontract to design, construct, alter, repair or demolish the building

Submit appeal applications in writing to the board. Only in special circumstances are parties invited to attend an appeal hearing.

Appeal applications must be signed by the appellant and the local authority.

The board expects that both parties abide by all applicable legislation, regulations and local enactments, including:

  • The Building Act
  • Laws for professional governance and/or conduct
  • Local authority enactments

Prepare and apply

Submit your appeal application in writing by email or mail.

Emailed application forms (PDF) are recommended.

To submit an appeal application:

  • Download and complete the application form (PDF)
    • Complete all sections (A, B, C, D)
    • The applicant and local authority must sign the application
    • Information in the application is available to both parties
  • Include any additional information in PDF format
    • Building drawings
    • Reports
    • Any documents that could help inform the decision under dispute

Submit completed applications to the Building and Safety Standards Branch.

  • Incomplete or mailed applications may result in a delay
  • Submit an application by the end of the month to be included in the next month’s meeting

Email (recommended)

Building and Safety Standards
PO Box 9844 Stn Prov Govt 
Victoria BC V8W 9T2

Building and Safety Standards
4th Floor614 Humboldt St.
Victoria BC V8W 3A2


When an appeal is reviewed

The board will notify the applicant and the local authority if and when the appeal will be considered.

  • Incomplete submissions that do not meet requirements will be returned to applicants

Decisions typically take four to eight weeks from when an application is received. Applicants are notified by email of a final decision.

Board decisions

Building Code Appeal Board decisions are final and binding. The board cannot relax, waive or alter any part of the BC Building Code.

Decisions can only be overruled if it is determined that the basic principles of administrative law had not been followed

The board does not approve building materials, products or systems.

Board remuneration reports

Page last updated: March 29, 2022.