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Most electricity in B.C. is generated from a clean and renewable source. Most comes from river water, but a lot also comes from forest biomass, wind and landfill gas. Geothermal heat—or energy that comes from heat deep under the ground—is also being explored in B.C. 

Energy Efficiency

Improved energy efficiency helps B.C.'s households, businesses and institutions save money, be more competitive and have a better quality of life. It is also the cleanest way to meet increasing demand for energy. Energy efficiency is good for our natural environment and is one of the lowest-cost ways to reduce B.C.’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Clean and Renewable Energy

British Columbia generates nearly all of its electricity by harnessing the power of flowing water, a clean and renewable source. The rest comes from forest biomass, wind, natural gas, solar, and landfill gas.


Clean Transportation Energy Solutions

Transportation provides essential services for the economy, but also produces significant impacts, including economic costs and environmental impacts related to increasing greenhouse gas emissions. In B.C. we are working to make transportation cleaner, through investment in zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs), low carbon fuels and technology.

Innovative Clean Energy Solutions

Innovative clean energy solutions are critical to meeting British Columbia’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets and are important contributors to serving other clean energy and environmental interests both locally and abroad.