Construction Industry

The construction industry has a major impact on the growth and strength of the province. This industry has literally built B.C. – everything from homes and office buildings, to roads and bridges. Every project is a tribute to the skilled workers who built it.

Building Codes & Standards

The BC Building Code is a provincial regulation that governs new construction, and building alterations, repairs and demolitions. Building, renovation and demolition projects must comply with the code as well as applicable local government bylaws for zoning and permits.

Renovation & Rehabilitation

Renovating or rehabilitating an existing or heritage building offers a unique opportunity to not only protect the environment but also keep the character and identity of our communities intact.

Environmental Sustainability

British Columbia’s historic places—buildings, structures, landscapes, historic districts, and other places—are important to our understanding and appreciation of our communities. Along with a strong identity, heritage conservation also provides economic diversity and environmental sustainability.

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Every apprentice needs an employer sponsor.  To support the growth of the BC apprenticeship system and develop more certified tradespersons in BC, the B.C. government is requiring contractors on new, major infrastructure projects to demonstrate they are engaged in apprenticeship training.

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Transportation Infrastructure

The transportation industry is heavily focused on infrastructure creation and maintenance. Infrastructure can include highways, bridges, culverting, electrical, retaining walls and line painting.

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