8.10 Payment for Publicly Funded Vaccinations

General Policy Description

Pharmacists can elect to participate in providing vaccinations as part of Immunize BC, the strategic framework for immunization in B.C. that supports immunization delivery by health service providers from different disciplines in different settings.

Pharmacists who have completed training and have been authorized by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia (CPBC) to administer vaccines receive payment for each publicly funded vaccination they administer to an eligible B.C. resident.

The vaccine cost is covered by the Province of B.C. through Immunize BC. PharmaCare pays pharmacists a fee for administering a publicly funded vaccine. 

Policy Details

Payments to pharmacists

PharmaCare pays a $12.10 fee for administration of each dose of a publicly funded vaccine ($18.00 for COVID-19 vaccines) when the vaccination is:

The fee covers costs related to patient assessment, administration supplies, administering the vaccine, monitoring the patient for adverse events after immunization, and record-keeping.

1No fee is paid for vaccinations provided by other health care professionals, such as nurses hired for pharmacy clinics.

Patient eligibility for publicly funded vaccines

B.C. residents who meet the eligibility criteria set by the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) receive publicly funded vaccines at no cost. 

>> For information on eligibility criteria, indications, contraindications and dosage for publicly funded vaccines, see Part 4—Biological Products of the BCCDC Immunization Manual. This information is also available in patient-friendly language on Immunize BC’s Vaccines by Disease page.

PharmaCare does not pay a fee to pharmacists for administering a publicly funded vaccine to patients who are not B.C. residents. 

Pharmacists cannot charge a fee for administering a vaccine to Canadians who meet the eligibility criteria established by the BCCDC.

Please refer all patients who meet the BCCDC eligibility criteria—but who are not B.C. residents—to a local health unit. The health unit will determine if they are eligible for vaccination at no cost.

>> Find local health clinics with Immunize BC’s Health Unit Finder.

Patients who do not meet BCCDC’s eligibility criteria cannot receive vaccinations from the public supply. 

Pharmacists who wish to provide vaccination services to ineligible patients must obtain the vaccine from a private supplier and can charge the patient directly for the product and for administration supplies and services.


Procedures for Pharmacists

Confirm that the patient is eligible to receive a publicly funded vaccination.

Obtain informed consent (PDF, 329KB).

Provide the patient with a record of immunization with details of the vaccination.

Record the vaccine lot number either by

  • Recording the lot number on a hard copy prescription of the vaccination,
  • Creating a separate vaccine administration log, or
  • Entering the lot number in the SIG field in the patient’s medication profile.

    A record of vaccine lot numbers is required in case of a rare event such as a vaccine recall or an Adverse Event Following Immunization (AEFI).

Submit a claim for a publicly funded vaccine

  • Using the appropriate Product Identification Numbers (PINs) in the drug ingredient field
  • Entering the quantity as the fluid volume of the vaccine (e.g., 0.5 mL)
  • Using your own College of Pharmacists of BC ID in place of the usual prescriber ID
  • Without entering a drug cost or fee
  • Entering any pertinent details about the vaccination

    A report identifying claims citing the PINs for publicly funded vaccines is run after the close of each month’s pay period and, after a delay of one month, is added to the pharmacy payment.

Note: Payment of the vaccine administration fee is based on the use of the PIN and not on the quantity entered.

Submit the claim for a privately funded vaccine

  • Using the appropriate vaccine DIN

If the vaccine requires a prescription, enter the prescriber’s ID in the Prescriber ID field.

If the vaccine does not require a prescription, enter your CPBC ID in the Prescriber ID field.

Procedures for the ordering and handling of publicly funded vaccines are identified in the resource guides for each vaccine. See Tools & Resources below.


Tools and Resources

  • Vaccine Resources—this section of the PharmaCare website provides all necessary information on vaccinations services and on the specific vaccines that authorized pharmacists can administer.