8.2 Dispensing Fees

General Policy Description

PharmaCare covers dispensing fees for eligible British Columbians.

PharmaCare sets a maximum dispensing fee it will reimburse.

PharmaCare limits the number of dispensing fees it covers for frequent dispensing.

Policy Details

Patients are eligible for coverage of dispensing fees if they are covered under Fair PharmaCare or PharmaCare plans C, D, F, G, S, P, W and Z.

Note: Plan B is not on this list because PharmaCare’s monthly capitation fee for Plan B facilities covers dispensing activities for eligible benefits.

Pharmacies may not claim a dispensing fee from PharmaCare that is greater than the actual fee charged to any person or agency.

The maximum dispensing fee reimbursed by PharmaCare is $10.00.

PharmaCare covers dispensing fees charged by community and hospital pharmacies and dispensing physicians.

Non-pharmaceutical suppliers are not entitled to charge a dispensing fee.

PharmaCare limits the number of dispensing fees a pharmacy may claim for frequent dispensing. Please see Section 8.3 - Frequency of Dispensing Policy—Fee Limits for more information.


Questions and Answers

Is a pharmacy required to notify PharmaCare of its dispensing fee or changes to its dispensing fee?

No. PharmaCare sets limits of the maximum fee and maximum number of fees it will reimburse regardless of the actual amount charged by the pharmacy.