8.13 Patient Support Fees

General Policy Description

PharmaCare may occasionally announce an initiative or campaign that would benefit from pharmacists providing specific support or information to patients.

PharmaCare may pay pharmacists a fee for their support services during a campaign.

Policy Details

Payments to pharmacists

A patient support fee is a fixed fee, with the dollar value for each campaign to be determined by PharmaCare.

The fee is set up as a non-benefit Product Identification Number (PIN). A monthly payment is issued to each pharmacy. 

Only one support fee may be claimed per patient per campaign.

When a patient support fee is available, the details are published on the Related Services List under Plan M (Medication Management).

Pharmacy eligibility 

Any pharmacy that is a PharmaCare provider can claim the patient support fee.

​Patient eligibility

PharmaCare identifies the eligible patient cohort for each campaign.


PharmaCare determines the requirements for the patient support fee for each campaign. Instructions for claiming a patient support fee will be announced in the PharmaCare Newsletter at the beginning of each campaign.

Patient support fees
Current patient support fees Amount
Paxlovid patient support clinical assessment fee (PAX-A) $30.00
Biosimilars patient support fee for pharmacists $15.00