Pharmacy services covered by PharmaCare

PharmaCare covers the services below at pharmacies enrolled as a PharmaCare provider.​

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Pharmacies charge a dispensing fee for each prescription they dispense. PharmaCare sets a maximum amount that it will reimburse (currently $10.00). If a pharmacy charges a higher dispensing fee than PharmaCare’s maximum amount, you will need to pay the difference, unless the Full Payment Policy applies.

Note: Pharmacies charge different dispensing fees. You may want to compare prices and services before you fill your prescription.

Frequent dispensing

PharmaCare covers a maximum number of dispensing fees for prescriptions filled daily or in 2- to 27-day supplies (unless the fill is for the full amount prescribed).

  • Daily dispenses: The maximum number of dispensing fees PharmaCare covers is 1 fee per drug, per day, up to a maximum of 3 dispensing fees.
  • Dispenses of 2- to 27-days' supply: The maximum number of dispensing fees PharmaCare covers is 1 fee per drug, per day, up to a maximum of 5 dispensing fees.

To qualify for coverage of dispensing fees for frequent dispensing:

  1. Your healthcare practitioner must order frequent dispensing as part of the prescription.
  2. You must sign a form that the pharmacy will provide.
  3. The pharmacy will notify your physician and keep the signed form on file to document the reason for frequent dispensing.

Renewing or adapting a prescription

PharmaCare pays a pharmacy a clinical services fee when a pharmacist renews or adapts a prescription for a B.C. resident. There is no charge to B.C. residents for these services.

Medication reviews

PharmaCare pays for pharmacists to conduct medication review services for eligible individuals. Medication reviews help you better understand how to manage the medications you take. To be eligible, a patient must:

  • Be a resident of B.C.
  • Have a B.C. Personal Health Number (PHN)
  • Not be covered under PharmaCare Plan B
  • Have a clinical need for service
  • Have not exceeded the allowable number of medication review services
  • Have at least five different qualifying medications that have been entered into PharmaNet:
    • within the last six months, and
    • before the medication review service is provided*

Your pharmacist will meet with you to:

  • Identify all the prescription and non-prescription medications that you are taking
  • Discuss how the medications are best taken
  • Create a medication management plan to address any issues

At the end of the appointment, the pharmacist gives you a form that lists all your medications. PharmaCare pays the full cost of this service. There is no charge to you.

Injection of publicly funded vaccines

PharmaCare pays pharmacists to administer injections of publicly-funded vaccines to B.C. residents. Pharmacists must complete the appropriate training and be authorized by the College of Pharmacists of BC to administer injections.

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