Content editing

Content should be reviewed and approved by an editor before it's published. 

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Checklist for content creators

  • Check your work against the Web Style Guide
  • Follow the Plain Language Checklist
  • Follow the Web Content Standards
  • Leave the content for a day or two after you write it, and then edit it
  • Read it out loud or have your computer read it to you
  • Ask a colleague from another team to read your work
  • Check spelling, facts and dates are correct
  • Check the content is at or below a grade 8 reading level
  • Findability: is it easy to find?
  • Is it easy to scan for information?

Checklist for editors

  • Does it follow the Web Content Standards?
  • The purpose of the content is clear, relevant and useful
  • Information is accurate and when necessary includes supporting details or examples
  • The tone of the writing is clear, consistent and appropriate for the audience
  • Information is grouped clearly
  • The order the content is in makes sense
  • The page title and headings clearly describe the page content
  • Spelling follows the Canadian Oxford Dictionary
  • Grammar, punctuation and formatting follow the Web Style Guide
  • The writing is in plain language