Digital Delivery & Products

The B.C. government is committed to providing digital products and services focused on improving service delivery and access to information.  Following service design methodologies and citizen engagement these products and services are designed to meet citizen expectations through user research, usage analysis and evidenced based design.  

Digital Products

The enterprise content management framework is a feature product of such methodologies, provided as a corporate tool set to enable government to focus emphasis on enhancing user experiences through a combination of digital product roadmaps merged with content design. Digital products offered are:

  • CMS Lite corporate content management system
  • Enhanced Search solution leveraging Mindbreeze search technology
  • Open sourced software solutions including WordPress for citizen engagement and public outreach
  • B.C.’s Developer’s Exchange open source developer’s collaboration space to improve government digital solutions


Supporting these products and services is a centralized governance model which oversees the development and maintenance of B.C. government web properties.  This governance model provides direction for online best practices, user interface design, web standards and writing style guides. The purpose of governance is to maintain a consistent user experience, protecting corporate brand identity and equitable accessibility as part of digital product development.