B.C. Visual Identity Program

This section describes the visual identity program for the Province of British Columbia.

There are many excellent provincial programs and services that provide exceptional value. The public should understand that their elected government creates these programs and services and that the government's public service delivers them. Proper use of the visual identity program described here makes the source of these valued government programs and services clear.

Government Communications and Public Engagement (GCPE) administers all communications for the provincial government. This is in section 18.3.8 of the B.C. government's Core Policy and Procedures Manual. Ministries communicating to the public must liaise with their ministry's communications office.

The BC Mark must be used on all communications to show government authorship. Ministries should always refer to these visual identity guidelines.

Design Guidelines

Refer to these guidelines when using the province's visual identity program.

Download Marks

You can download the BC Mark and related government marks.

Design Policy

Find complete information about the program's policies and management.

B.C. Symbols

Find a greater description of the Coat of Arms and other provincial symbols.