Naming Privileges Policy

Does the Naming Privileges Policy apply to my organization?

The policy applies to all government ministries and government bodies as defined in the Financial Administration Act, such as:

  • school districts;
  • university and colleges;
  • crown corporations; and
  • health authorities.

The policy does not apply to assets owned by municipalities or regional districts.   

What is the scope of the policy?

The policy applies to naming opportunities when individuals, businesses, organizations and others provide a contribution in exchange for naming recognition associated with a government-owned asset.  The policy applies to both financial contributions and “in-kind” contributions of a good or service given instead of cash.    

What types of government-owned assets are covered under the policy?

Physical assets covered under the policy include, for example:

  • Government-owned buildings or part of a building (for example:  wings, rooms, laboratories and meeting areas)
  • Roads and other transportation infrastructure
  • Recreational areas and other public spaces
  • Collections of books or art
  • Equipment of significant value 

What do I need to do?

If you have a naming opportunity that falls under the scope of the policy, please fill out the request for fill out the request form and submit the completed form to our office.

Who to Contact

Unsure if the policy applies to a contribution?  Not sure what information needs to be included in the request form? Email or call 250 216-5903 for assistance and guidance.