BCeID Authentication Service

The BCeID Identity and Authentication Service has been running since 2002 to provide a standard approach to secure and safe access to public services online. 

It provides an electronic identity that makes it possible for people to access government services using a single identifier and password.

Benefits include:

Ease of use

A simple process allows users to register online and, if required, show proof of identity at a BCeID point of service. The user has to remember only one username and password to gain access to personal and professional services. 


For clients: people who reside outside British Columbia can use BCeID user accounts

For businesses: BCeID accounts can be used by representatives from businesses in British Columbia and other provinces


The service provides identity and management service components of the government's Shared Identity Services. BCeID uses SiteMinder and Common Logon Page (CLP) to provide authentication and logon service components.


BCeID has been operating for nearly two decades and continues to provide online access to broader public sector services.

For services that require a person's identity authentication and a high assurance level, should consider the BC Services Card for access to services online.