Identity Assurance

There are different levels of confidence (or assurance) about the truthfulness and accuracy of an individual’s identity information.

The level of assurance you need depends on the type of service you provide to your clients and the sensitivity of the information involved. It’s up to you to assess your needs for assurance and discuss this with the IDIM team.

Identity Assurance Levels​

Level 1: Low

Transactions where no to little confidence of a person’s identity is required to deliver a service.

For example, when a person signs up for a newsletter.

Level 2: Medium

Transactions where some confidence of a person's identity is required.

For example, when someone obtains a business or fishing licence.

Level 3: High

Transactions where high confidence of a person’s identity is required and verified identity information is required. This is applicable to sensitive or confidential information like access to health or financial records.

For example, to be certain that a person trying to access health records is either the patient or an authorized medical professional.