Talking to Seniors About Planning

Planning for healthy aging can help prepare each of us to deal with unexpected changes and transitions in our lives. The Seniors’ Directorate is exploring ways to raise awareness of the importance of planning for healthy aging.

On June 9, 2011, the Directorate hosted the fourth B.C. Active Aging Symposium in Vancouver. The theme of the symposium was “Planning for Healthy Aging,” and the Directorate was able to collect input on this topic from about 120 seniors, policy makers, health care providers and others who took part.

Participants discussed the importance of planning for healthy aging so that future decisions aren’t made in the middle of a crisis situation. It was generally agreed that planning should take into account how to stay active and involved in your community, as well as possible future changes in health, housing, transportation and financial needs.

Participants noted the need for educational resources and tools to support planning, one-on-one support, and help in navigating the many resources already available.