Making Future Health Care Decisions

Did you know that B.C.’s health care consent and personal planning laws changed on September 1, 2011? Now a capable adult may make an advance directive for health care decisions. Have you thought about the type of life support or life-prolonging medical interventions you would agree to, or refuse, if you were very sick or injured and incapable of deciding for yourself? Would you want a certain person to decide for you? Advance care planning helps you make health care treatment decisions in advance, and can include making an advance directive and/or naming a representative. Advance care planning is a way to express your beliefs, values and wishes or instructions for future health care with your close family and health care provider so they know what to do if a decision is needed. For more information about the new laws, visit:

For more information about advance care planning, including how to name a representative or make an advance directive, see: