Child Care Operating Funding

Thank you for your patience as we review applications for the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative. Staff are working to review applications as quickly as possible.

Applications received on or before March 27th have been reviewed. Applications received after March 27 continue to be reviewed in date order received.

If you applied by March 27 and have not yet been contacted, please contact us at 1 888 338-6622 (option 2).

Thank you again for your patience. 

Child Care Operating Funding (CCOF) assists with the day-to-day costs of running a licensed child care facility. This helps child care providers to:

  • Keep parent fees affordable
  • Provide fair salaries to child care staff
  • Maintain quality child care for the community

The program is optional child care providers can choose not to participate.

Find out more:

Effective April 2018, licensed child care providers will be able to apply for approval to ‘opt-in’ to the new Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative. For more information, see fact sheets and FAQs listed below: