Apply for or Renew Child Care Operating Funding

Funding for Child Care Operating Funding (CCOF) Base Funding, the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI), and the Early Childhood Educator Wage Enhancement (ECE-WE) is provided through a Funding Agreement. Agreements can start any time during the funding term.

Licensed child care providers new to CCOF must apply for funding. Current providers must renew their Funding Agreement each term.

Steps to Apply or Renew Funding


Step 1: Apply for Funding

Organizations new to CCOF are eligible for funding beginning the 1st of the month in which a complete application is received.

New facilities within organizations already in receipt of CCOF are eligible for funding from the 1st of the month unless:

  • an enrolment report for another facility in the organization has been submitted and received payment
  • the organization’s Funding Agreement has already been modified that month, or
  • it is the month the organization’s Funding Agreement starts

As funding is provided on the 1st of every month, facilities with licences effective after the 5th business day of the month are eligible for funding beginning the following month.

Application Forms

Online fillable form (for Internet Explorer users):

Printable forms (for all other browsers):

If the application is approved, the provider will receive a draft Funding Agreement. The next step will be to complete a Program Confirmation Form.

Complete the Program Confirmation Form to apply for or renew CCOF Base Funding and/or CCFRI and ECE-WE. Before beginning this process, please review the CCFRI & ECE-WE Funding Guidelines, including new CCFRI application criteria for New, New-to-CCFRI and Modified facilities. 

Watch the video tutorial of how to complete the Program Confirmation Form.

To complete the form, providers will need:

  • primary Business BCeID
  • CCOF Organization ID (The first 5 numbers after F or G (e.g. F-00000-00000)
  • a scanned copy or photograph of the Community Care and Assisted Living Act Facility Licence for each facility listed in Schedule A of the funding agreement

If opting into CCFRI, providers will also need:

  • full-time parent fees for the Funding Agreement term. New applicants to the CCFRI will also need previous parent fees
    • These are the highest fees charged to new parents for full-time care
    • Full-time is considered more than four hours per day, five days per week
    • If no full-time care is offered at the facility, please enter the highest fee charged for that age category or contact us for assistance
  • facility closure dates, if the facility charges parent fees while closed (excluding stat holidays)

Log onto the Child Care Web Application to access the Program Confirmation Form from the home page.

It is important to read and understand the Funding Agreement in full before agreeing to the terms and conditions in the Program Confirmation Form. Providers should also check that the facility name, licence, and service details in Schedule A of the Funding Agreement match their current Community Care and Assisted Living Act Facility Licence(s). If Schedule A is not accurate, contact us immediately.

If approved, providers will receive a notification email that their Funding Agreement is active. They will also receive separate emails regarding any CCFRI and ECE-WE applications.

If you have any questions about the Funding Agreement, please contact us.

Providers approved for CCOF Base Funding, CCFRI or ECE-WE must meet all obligations in the Funding Agreement on an ongoing basis. Below are the key next steps for each type of funding.

Once approved for CCOF Base Funding, providers are required to:

  • submit enrolment reports between the 15th of the prior month and the last day of the sixth month following the applicable reporting month. For example, submit enrolment reports for April between March 15th and October 31st
  • contact us within two (2) business days of any changes to licence and service details, using the Change Notification Form

Once approved for CCFRI, providers are required to:

  • calculate the fee reduction amount for each child using Schedule C of the Funding Agreement or call the Service Centre to request a Child Care Fee Reduction Calculator
  • within 30 days, notify parents of the amount of fee reduction funding for their child and the amount and timing of any approved fee increases
  • inform the applicable staff if the facility was approved to participate based on the intention and commitment to increase their wage(s)

Download the following optional support documents:

Once approved for ECE-WE, providers are required to:

  • within 30 days, notify all eligible ECEs in writing of their participation
  • before submitting a claim, use the document(s) below to collect written acknowledgement from all eligible ECEs confirming their knowledge, consent, and authorization for providers to collect and disclose to the Ministry their personal information and other information for the purposes of administering, planning, evaluating, and auditing the ECE-WE
  • submit ECE-WE reports between the 1st of the following month and the last day of the sixth month following the applicable reporting month. For example, submit ECE-WE reports for April between May 1st and October 31st.

Download the following support documents:

Frequently Asked Questions

After the Program Confirmation Form is submitted, the Ministry will review and assess the information using eligibility criteria (funding guidelines, etc.) for each funding area. Providers may be contacted to make corrections or provide more information. Once the review and assessment are complete, providers will receive separate emails with the outcome of the application for CCOF Base Funding, and if applicable, CCFRI and ECE-WE.

Providers applying to participate in the CCFRI or ECE-WE are not required to reduce their parent fees or enhance staff wages until they receive written approval from the CCOF program. Any reduction in fees passed on to parents or wage enhancements passed on to staff prior to receiving approval are at the provider’s own risk.

If the Program Confirmation Form has been submitted call the Service Center to report any changes.

After the terms and conditions of the Funding Agreement have been agreed to, providers must report any changes to their Facility licence and service details within two business days by completing the Change Notification Form. Depending on the changes, the Funding Agreement may need to be updated which could affect funding.