Apply for Child Care Operating Funding

If you currently receive operating funding, you do not need to reapply. You will automatically receive a new 2018/19 funding agreement by email. 

If you are a new child care provider, submit either a group or family funding application along with a copy of your current Community Care and Assisted Living Act Licence(s).

Complete one application for each facility licence. For example, you will need to complete two applications if your facility has separate Preschool and School Age Licences.

Use the group application if you hold a Group or Multi-Age Child Care Licence for more than eight children, or if the facility is in a location other than a personal residence. Complete the family application if you hold a Family, In-Home Multi-Age or Multi-Age Child Care Licence for eight or fewer children in your principal residence. Child Care Operating Funding Program FAQ’s for Multi-Age Child Care.

If you regularly offer extended hours before 6 am or after 7 pm, complete the extended hours section of the application form. The rates for daytime or extended hours are the same, based on the age of the children enrolled and whether they are enrolled for more or less than four hours.

Submit an Application Form

Submit your application by... Download the application form
(Note: forms will not work in Google Chrome)
EMAIL ONLY (This form cannot be printed and filled) Family and Group Child Care Providers (PDF)

Group Child Care Providers Application Form (PDF)
Family Child Care Providers Application Form (PDF)

Getting Approved

Funding amounts are based on enrolment and are subject to approval and availability of funds.

If your application is approved, you will receive a draft funding agreement and a Program Confirmation Form. Complete the Program Confirmation Form and return via email within 30 days.

The start date of a draft funding agreement is determined by the date a completed application is received by the program (Application form & Community Care & Assisted Living Act Licence).

In order to meet the intake deadline for the next month a complete application must be received by the program no later than the last day of the current month.

For example, a completed application received on January 1st to 31st would be eligible for a February 1st start date. 

Please do not reduce your parent fees until you have received notification of approval for the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative from the program.