Report Changes to Your Licence or Service

Under your Child Care Operating Funding Agreement, you need to report any changes to your licence to the Child Care Operating Funding Program within two business days. Your funding agreement may need to be updated which could affect the funding you are eligible for.

If operating funding has already been paid for the month in which your changes occur, it cannot be paid again to reflect your changes. If you have any of the following changes, contact the program before submitting your next enrolment report.

Changes could include:

  • Your licence has expired
  • A change to the legal contractor name or address on first page of your funding agreement
  • A change to your facility name or address
  • A change to your licence like capacity or type of care
  • Changes in service details like days per week, weeks per year, number of family spaces offered, type of school age services, preschool sessions, extended hours
  • The number of full months when your facility is closed (e.g. December, July, August)
  • Newly licensed facility (also requires the completion of a CCOF Application form)

Note: You also must report any licence changes to your local health authority licensing officer.