Child Care Operating Funding: Monthly Enrolment Reporting

Funding payments are based on total monthly enrolment. Be sure to submit monthly enrolment reports for all funded facilities no later than the 10th day of the following month specified on the report.

Remember to report:

  • Only the days the facility is open and providing child care services
  • The total number of enrolled spaces
  • The total drop-in spaces that are in a non-enrolled space
  • Each child only once per day
  • Vacancies (the number of available child care spaces at the facility)

How to Submit Reports

Use the Child Care Web Application (CCWA) to create, save, edit, view and submit reports. The web app will also calculate your monthly payment amount.

Follow these steps to access the web app and complete the process:

Step 1: Register for a BCeID account.

Step 2: Contact the CCOF program to register for access to CCWA.

Step 3: Submit a direct deposit application to have your payments deposited to your bank account or if you need to make changes to your current direct deposit information.  Once the form is completed, mail it back to the CCOF program address listed under Useful Contacts. (Note: form will not work in Google Chrome).

Step 4: Log on to CCWA and enter your enrolment report. Submit an enrolment report for the upcoming month as early as the 20th of the month prior.

Once your report is approved, a monthly payment will be automatically deposited into your bank account. Processing time for payment approval is usually 7 to 10 business days but will vary with volume. If your report requires clarification or correction, your payment may be delayed.

Keep Your Records

Remember to keep a record of:

  • The full name, date of birth and date of enrolment for each child
  • A monthly schedule of confirmed enrolled spaces
  • Daily attendance records (arrival and departure)

Records may be required in the event of a review or audit, so make sure to keep all original documents that support the enrolment claims you make for two years following the date of the claim. This includes registration and attendance forms. It is the child care provider’s responsibility to obtain informed consent of parents to allow information to be used for possible review and audit purposes.

Correct a Report

If your Monthly Enrolment Report has already been submitted and paid and an error is noticed, you can submit a new report online for the same month with the correct information. A payment adjustment will be calculated and the difference will either be paid to you or deducted from your next payment.

If you have not yet submitted the report for the month, you can edit or delete the current enrolment report online before submitting it. If report is submitted but not approved, please contact CCOF to have the report rejected and a new corrected report can then be submitted.

Claim for Overnight Care

If you provide overnight care for a child, make the claim for the day the child begins care. For example, if the child begins receiving care at 11:00 pm on March 4th, claim in the “over four hours” column of the enrolment report on March 4th. The overnight care is not claimed on the following day, March 5th.

Child Living in the Care Provider’s Home

For the purposes of the Child Care Operating Funding Program, do not include any children under the age of 12 who are living in the home on the Monthly Enrolment Report because this number is counted in the maximum capacity for the provider's licence.

Once a child living in the provider’s home turns 12, the child no longer needs to be counted in the maximum capacity for the provider’s licence.

Child Care Web Application – Self Service

Through self-service, as well as being able to create, save, edit, view and submit your enrolment reports, you can also update your facility information and vacant child care space information which displays on the Child Care Map within 24 hours to families seeking child care across BC.