Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative - Provider Opt-In Status

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Introduced in April 2018, the new child care fee reduction initiative provides enhanced funding to licensed child care providers who care for infants and toddlers and for children ages 3 to Kindergarten. Providers in receipt of enhanced funding are required to inform families with children in their care of their approval to opt into the initiative and to reduce parent fees. Parents do not have to enroll or apply in order to receive fee reductions.

Providers who applied to opt in by April 20, 2018 and were approved to participate will begin to receive enhanced funding in April 2018.

Providers who applied to opt in after April 20 will begin to receive enhanced funding on the first day of the month following their approval, at which point they are required to reduce parent fees.

Fee reduction amounts are prescribed by the Ministry of Children and Family Development and are based on type of care and full-time enrolment status (part-time enrolments will receive a pro-rated amount).

Participating child care providers will reduce their parent fees by up to:

  • $350/month – Group infant/toddler (under 36 months) care
  • $200/month – Family infant/toddler (under 36 months) care
  • $100/month – Group child care for 3 years to Kindergarten
  • $60/month – Family child care for 3 years to Kindergarten

Licensed child care providers who have opted in to the initiative:

This data lists providers who were accepted to opt in as of July 12, 2018. This list will be updated each week as more providers are approved to participate.

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