Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative

The Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI) enhances child care affordability by offering funding to eligible, licensed child care providers to reduce and stabilize parents’ monthly child care fees. 

Child care providers must apply to receive funding. Parents do not need to apply.

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Participation in CCFRI is optional and providers can apply at any time during the funding term. 

Parents and staff can contact the Child Care Service Centre for information about a facility’s CCFRI application.

Providers applying to CCFRI are not required to reduce their parent fees until they receive written approval from the Child Care Operating Funding (CCOF) program. Any reduction in fees passed on to parents prior to receiving approval are at the provider's own risk.


To apply, the facility must offer at least one eligible child care category:

  • Group infant/toddler care (Under 36 months)
  • Family infant/toddler care (Under 36 months)
  • Group care for children aged 3 years to Kindergarten
  • Family care for children aged 3 years to Kindergarten

If the facility does not charge a parent fee, it may still be eligible.

Review the full eligibility requirements based on the CCOF Agreement term:

Apply or Renew 


Approved providers receive the following amounts to reduce parent fees for full-time care:

  • $350/month for group infant/toddler care
  • $200/month for family infant/toddler care
  • $100/month for group care for children aged 3 to Kindergarten
  • $60/month for family care for children aged 3 to Kindergarten

Part-time care receives a pro-rated amount.

Top-Up Funding

Providers also receive Administrative Top-Up funding equivalent to 20% of the facility’s CCOF Base Funding for CCFRI eligible care categories to offset the costs associated with participating in CCFRI.

Once Approved

Providers approved to participate in the CCFRI are required to:

  • Notify parents of fee reduction amounts, and any fee increase(s)
  • Reduce fees for parents by the fee reduction rates
  • Notify staff if a fee increase was approved based on the intention to increase their wage(s)
  • Remain enrolled for the duration of the CCOF funding agreement