Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative

The Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI) lowers the cost of child care for parents each month. Parents do not need to apply for the fee reduction.

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Child care providers need to apply in order to receive funding. Participation in CCFRI is voluntary.

If a child care provider is approved to participate in the program, parents with a child in full-time care will see fees reduced by up to:

  • $350/month for group infant/toddler care
  • $200/month for family infant/toddler care
  • $100/month for group care for children aged 3 to Kindergarten
  • $60/month for family care for children aged 3 to Kindergarten

Part-time care will receive a pro-rated amount.


New for 2019/20: Providers are required to share the following information with parents receiving CCFRI benefit, in writing, within 30 days of being approved for CCFRI:

  • Confirmation of the provider’s enrolment in the CCFRI,
  • The amount of fee reduction funding the provider receives, per child care enrolment, and
  • The amount of any fee increase(s)for which the provider is approved for that contract term.

If a facility is approved for an exceptional fee increase associated with increasing direct-care staff wages, providers are required to share this information with affected staff. Given that each staff member may receive a different wage increase, providers are not required to share the amount of the anticipated wage increase with staff.

Providers can use this template (doc) to share information with parents, and this template (doc) to share information with direct-care staff.

Parents and staff can also contact the ministry for high-level information about a provider’s CCFRI application/approval status, including:

  • The status and date of a facility’s application,
  • The high-level reason why the provider was approved or not approved for the CCFRI, and
  • The amount of any fee increases the provider was approved for, and if a fee increase was approved to increase direct-care staff wages.

Note: Organizations are not required to reduce their parent fees until approved for the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative and payment is received. Any payments made prior to receiving approval and payment are at the organization's own risk.

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Before raising parent fees, child care providers are expected to first explore other funding options: