$10 a Day ChildCareBC Centres

$10 a Day ChildCareBC Centres are an important step in the Province’s historic path to making affordable child care a core service for B.C. families. The positive financial impact on parents with children in these centres is significant, with families paying no more than $200 a month per child for full-time enrolment during regular business hours, regardless of the care type. Some low-income families may even qualify for free child care, through additional funding programs, such as the Affordable Child Care Benefit (ACCB).

Additional program information

In 2018, more than 50 $10 a Day ChildCareBC Centres were approved for operation through the Canada-British Columbia Early Learning and Child Care Agreement (ELCC). This provided communities throughout B.C. with the opportunity to offer inclusive, affordable child care – with a priority on infant and toddler care.

In Budget 2021, the Province committed to convert over 4,000 additional spaces to $10 a Day ChildCareBC spaces for families, more than doubling the number from 2,500 when the program began in 2018 to more than 6,500 spaces as of April 2022By partnering with the Government of Canada through the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement, the number of $10 a Day ChildCareBC spaces will nearly double again to 12,500 by December 2022.

Between 2018 and March 2020, the Province conducted a review of the $10 a Day ChildCareBC Program with the objective of understanding the cost of delivering child care and informing potential future investment as part of the Province’s long-term plan to build a future where child care is a core services available to families when the need it and at a price they can afford.

The resulting report highlights the methodology and key findings associated with the evaluation and analysis of the $10 a Day ChildCareBC Program. The evaluation was based on a comprehensive framework that collected data from parents, educators, $10 a Day ChildCareBC providers, sector partners and government stakeholders.

Report on the Evaluation and Analysis of $10 a Day ChildCareBC Program

When the program first launched in 2018, over 300 applications for $10 a Day ChildCareBC Centres were reviewed to ensure factors such as the diversity of British Columbia’s geography, population, program types and operational models were considered in the selection process. This range of sites helped to provide the ministry with a deeper understanding of what contributes to quality, inclusive care, a well-supported and engaged workforce, and a viable funding model.

In the 2021-22 expansion, over 600 applications were received. Priority was given to non-profit/public organizations, Indigenous-led, and home-based child care. In addition, child care based in municipal community centres and on school grounds was also prioritized. However, all licensed child care facilities were eligible to apply.

The 2022 intake priorities are:

  • Larger public, not-for-profit, and Indigenous-led child care providers
  • Applicants located in communities currently without $10 a Day child care (or with a low proportion of $10 a Day spaces compared to population density)
  • Child care spaces for children ages 0-5. If a facility operates 0-5 spaces and multi-age spaces, they are also eligible to apply for all spaces

Being selected as a $10 a Day ChildCareBC Centre is an opportunity for providers of licensed child care facilities – including not-for-profit, in-home providers and private organizations in all parts of the province – to provide their communities with affordable child care as a core service that families can depend on.