B.C. Lake Ice Reporting Tool

It is important to track ice-on and ice-off dates for B.C. Lakes. These data are used to track climate change and interpret seasonal data. The B.C. Lake Ice Reporting Tool was developed to standardize the data and make it easier to submit.

Access the B.C. Lake Ice Reporting Tool using your web browser: https://arcg.is/qy1e5

If you are using the ArcGIS Survey123 app from your mobile device (available on Android OS or Apple iOS), visit the URL or scan the QR code below to download the B.C. Lake Ice Reporting Tool.

QR code to B.C. Lake Ice Reporting Tool

When submitting data, we recommend pinning your location on the map provided within the B.C. Lake Ice Reporting Tool or including the optional GPS location. Lake names are not always distinctive enough. For example, in British Columbia, there are 8 Trout Lakes, 7 Green Lakes, and 4 Big Lakes! Pinning the location on the map or providing GPS info will help us know which lake you are referring to.

The B.C. Lake Ice Reporting Tool utilizes the ArcGIS Survey123 platform provided by the B.C. MapHub

If you have questions or feedback about the B.C. Lake Ice Reporting Tool email us at volunteerlakes@gov.bc.ca.