Submit Wildlife / Plant Data and Information

Photo by FLNRO Kootenay Staff

Anyone can submit wildlife and plant data to the province! If you have completed a scientific research project or just detected a species-at-risk in your backyard we want to know about it. The data and information you collect and submit informs wildlife management and conservation decision making in the Province.

The type of data you have collected will determine how you should proceed with the submission. For instance, if you have collected data as part of a rigorous inventory, work under a Wildlife Act permit, a long-term monitoring program, or a research project you will want to complete the Wildlife Inventory Projects submission. Individual observations can be submitted through Incidental Observations drop down below.

Use the Wildlife Species Inventory submission site to submit wildlife and/or plant data and information from inventory (general surveys, census and telemetry) projects conducted in B.C. Reports, review articles, management summaries, and standard scientific research reports may also be submitted where copyright permissions allow.   

Find the appropriate SPI data submission template for your project

Submit Inventory 

Incidental observations are casual sightings that happen when you’re outside - hiking, camping, swimming, driving, in your backyard, etc. You can report information about:

  • Healthy wild animals, fish and plants
  • Sick, injured or dead animals

Fill in all the fields that you can. There are lookup buttons beside some fields for selecting appropriate values. If you can’t identify the species, you can get help with this step by emailing a photo and general location to a species specialist

Submit Incidental