Wildlife Data & Information

Photo by Nicola Dodd

Wildlife Species Inventory (WSI) data and information includes any survey undertaken to determine the presence or abundance of a wildlife species. Wildlife species include mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and plants, as well as their habitat. The Province collects, stores, and provides access to data and information on all wildlife species in B.C.

Wildlife species data and information includes counts, population parameter estimates (i.e., density, sex ratios), biological samples (i.e., hair, blood, DNA), animal capture locations, telemetry, and habitat features such as mineral licks, as well as associated reports, maps, and spatial files. We also manage data on rare plant, lichen, and other vegetation surveys.

The intent of having a central repository for wildlife species inventory data and information is to facilitate the storage of and access to survey data and results required for making informed management decisions and improving conservation efforts.