Plants, Animals & Ecosystems

British Columbia is home to tens of thousands of plant and animal species living in a rich diversity of habitats and ecosystems. Responsible decision making and positive action on our part will help protect B.C. wildlife and their home.


In an ecosystem, living things interact with each other and with their environment. Everything in an ecosystem is connected. Healthy ecosystems provide B.C. with important “services,” like clean air and water, healthy forests and farms, and habitat for our plants and animals. Learn more about ecosystems in British Columbia.

Plants & Fungi

Plants provide humans and other animals with food and shelter, cool the environment and help provide clean air and water. Fungi break down dead material, make nutrients available to other living things, and form connections with trees that help keep forests healthy. Learn about B.C.’s wild plants and fungi.


A huge variety of fish and other aquatic animals live in B.C.’s freshwater habitats. They provide food for humans and other animals, support the economy, and are an important part of B.C.’s healthy ecosystems. Learn about fish and other aquatic animals in B.C., and the habitats in which they live.


When we take care of B.C.’s wildlife and the habitats in which they live, our own health and our economy benefit, too. Learn about B.C.’s wild animals, where they are found, how many there are, their health and how they interact with each other and their environment.

Invasive Species

Invasive species are plants and animals that are not naturally found in B.C. and that harm our environment, people or economy. Invasive species can move into new areas very quickly, where they can cause serious problems. Find out more about invasive species in B.C., what we are doing to prevent their introduction and spread, and how you can help.

Species & Ecosystems at Risk

Our province is home to thousands of species and ecosystems – some of these are at risk of disappearing from B.C. Working together at a federal, provincial and local level is essential to protect them. Check out what the provincial government is doing to take conservation action and learn how you can participate.

Conservation Data

The B.C. Conservation Data Centre (CDC) assists in the conservation of our province's biodiversity by collecting and sharing scientific data and information about wildlife and ecosystems in B.C.