Caribou in British Columbia

British Columbia is home to the woodland caribou, Rangifer tarandus caribou. The herds found in its mountainous mature forests are an important part of the natural food chain and the rich biodiversity of the province. Unfortunately, due to significant changes within the caribou’s preferred habitat over the last century, their population has declined from 40,000 to about 15,000, provincewide.

The Government of British Columbia is committed to a long-term, comprehensive, and science-based approach to caribou recovery; including, but not limited to western science and Indigenous traditional knowledge. Through modernizing changes to regulations, leadership, data management and accessibility, the Province hopes to deepen our understanding of the woodland caribou and our effects on herds.

With an extensive history of caribou monitoring and management, the government is a leader in conducting caribou research and developing innovative management activities. With an investment of $47 million, British Columbia is dedicated to ensuring caribou remain on the landscape now and for future generations.