Provincial Caribou Recovery Program

The Provincial Caribou Recovery Program’s fundamental purpose is to develop, implement, and monitor new management actions and provincial strategies to ensure we are meeting or exceeding provincial and federal population and habitat objectives. The Province also recognizes the need to balance social and economic needs of all British Columbians. This includes a commitment to protecting Indigenous rights and interests while maintaining B.C.’s robust and diverse natural resource sector.

  • Reverse the decline of woodland caribou where it is feasible to do so;
  • Achieve a stable to increasing population of identified woodland caribou herds;
  • Align science and recovery approaches with Canada and Indigenous governments where appropriate;
  • Demonstrate reasonable efforts to meet the Species at Risk Act caribou recovery strategy;
  • Provide increased certainty for the natural resource sector in B.C.;
  • Ensure resources are efficiently allocated, coordinated and prioritized to those actions and activities that achieve demonstrable caribou recovery objectives; and,
  • Ensure caribou management actions are open, transparent and reported on regularly.



On February 21, 2020, the Government of B.C. signed two pivotal agreements:

  1. Section 11 Agreement - Canada British Columbia Conservation Agreement for Southern Mountain Caribou in British Columbia (PDF, 3.6MB)
  2. Partnership Agreement for the Conservation of the Southern Mountain Caribou – Central Group.

Projects and management activities

Projects and management activities focused on caribou in B.C. are extensive and varied. Read more about how these activities are being used with the goal of achieving a self-sustaining caribou population.

Annual reports