Clean, dry and drain your watercraft to stop the spread of invasive mussels

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Clean, Drain and Dry

Boating in BC? Be sure to clean your boat, trailer and equipment, drain the bilges, ballast tanks, engines or live wells, and ensure the boat is dry before it goes back in the water. 

Zebra and Quagga Mussel Facts

Quagga mussels and zebra mussels are not native to North America and pose a serious threat to B.C.’s aquatic ecosystems, salmon populations, hydro power stations and other infrastructure facilities.

Watercraft Inspection Program

Five inspection stations exist along the B.C.-Alberta border, and three along the B.C.-United States border. In total, 32 auxiliary conservation officers are operating the inspection stations seven days a week from April through October 2016.

Report Invasive Mussels

Any suspected, transport, possession, sale or release of invasive mussels should be reported immediately to the Conservation Officer Services RAPP LINE 1-877-952-7277.

Bringing Your Boat to BC

Any boats that are coming from an infested jurisdiction must be inspected prior to launching into BC waters. If the boat has been out of the water more than 30 days and has followed the CLEAN, DRAIN and DRY principles, it will be free to launch into BC waters.