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Last updated on August 11, 2023

InvasivesBC is British Columbia’s modernized invasive species database, map and mobile data collection application that was made available in 2023.

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What is InvasivesBC

The InvasivesBC database, map and mobile data collection application is available for use by all land managers, contractors, government agencies and non-profit organizations completing surveys and/or management actions on invasive species in B.C.  

InvasivesBC replaces the Invasive Alien Plant Program (IAPP), which was B.C.’s previous provincial mapping and database application in use from 2005-2023. The Province is committed to maintaining a shared invasive species map and database application. A centralized location for invasive species information supports increased collaboration among the diverse user community and more effective invasive species management throughout B.C.

InvasivesBC contains invasive species occurrence, treatment, and monitoring records for the entire province. The data can be searched using a large number of criteria, and exported into a variety of summary reports.

Features of InvasivesBC version 1

Version 1 of the InvasivesBC app includes:

  • The web-based system (accessed via the chrome browser).  A mobile application with the ability to be used offline/out of service will be released at a future date to support direct data collection in the field
  • Invasive plant forms only (invasive animal forms and functions to be released at a future date)
  • No public facing map (to be launched in a future release with observations viewable only)
  • Batch upload feature including the ability to upload geometries (polygons) attached to each record via excel schemas:
    • terrestrial observation
    • terrestrial mechanical treatment
    • terrestrial chemical treatment
  • Ability to view, extract, and filter by the full IAPP database as well as InvasivesBC records - editing of IAPP sites will not be permitted once IAPP is archived
  • A handy map with the ability to upload kmls/kmzs and turn on/off commonly used DataBC Warehouse layers, plus the ability to customize the map via filtering of both InvasivesBC and IAPP datasets to view on map
  • Extracts and reports to pull data from both the IAPP and the InvasivesBC datasets (must be extracted separately)
  • Access to the following invasive plant forms, with built in validation rules and auto-fill of fields associated with a users access account:
Invasive plant forms
Record type Record sub-type Batch upload available
Observation Terrestrial Observation Yes
Aquatic Observation Yes
Treatment Terrestrial Chemical Treatment Yes
Aquatic Chemical Treatment Coming soon
Terrestrial Mechanical Treatment Yes
Aquatic Mechanical Treatment Coming soon
Biocontrol Release Coming soon
Biocontrol Biocontrol Collection Coming soon
Biocontrol Dispersal Monitoring Coming soon
Monitoring Chemical Treatment Monitoring Coming soon
Mechanical Treatment Monitoring Coming soon
Biocontrol Release Monitoring Coming soon

The Invasive Plant Program and our InvasivesBC development team will be continuing to work to provide support to users and continue to build additional features into future releases over the coming years. As new features become available, they will be listed on this webpage.

Getting access to InvasivesBC

Access to the data in InvasivesBC is password-restricted to authorized users and requires B.C. Public Service staff IDIR or a business BCeID.

Please note that the Business Accounts and/or Profile Manager (BAM) for the company needs to set the Business Preference for each user and should select "Share my business details with any e-Service in government" in the Information Sharing with Government e-Service section of their settings. They may contact the BCeID helpdesk for assistance at: 1-888-356-2741.

To access to the database, once you have an IDIR or BCeID:

  1. Go to the InvasivesBC website
  2. Click the “get access” button and fill out the required request for access form. Note that some fields within the record form are auto-filled based on the information provided in your access request so it is important to ensure the request is accurate and complete
  3. Choose the role category from the dropdown. Note that requested roles are reviewed carefully prior to approving access requests and administrator roles will only be provided to a small number of B.C. government staff managing InvasivesBC as each role type is associated with differing rules about editing and deleting records. 
  4. Submitted access requests will be reviewed by the InvasivesBC team and approved within 3-5 business days. You will be contacted if there are any questions about your access request, otherwise users should try to sign into InvasivesBC after 3-5 business days have passed to confirm your access has been approved
  5. Keep your account up to date with any changes to employer or funding agencies etc. by clicking on the person icon on the top right of the home page when you are logged in,  and selecting “Update my info”

Questions about obtaining or updating access requests can be submitted to

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