Plants & Fungi

Last updated on April 16, 2018

Plants provide humans and other animals with food and shelter, cool the environment and help provide clean air and water. Fungi break down dead material, make nutrients available to other living things, and form connections with trees that help keep forests healthy. 

  • Submit plant data
    The Conservation Data Centre (CDC) depends on the observations of scientists and knowledgeable amateur naturalists to continue building its province-wide database on the locations of species and ecological communities at risk.
  • Invasive Plant Reference Guide
    The Invasive Plant Reference Guide is a resource manual for all agencies and partners involved in invasive plant management in B.C.
  • Conservation Data Centre
    The British Columbia Conservation Data Centre (CDC) systematically collects and disseminates information on plants, animals and ecosystems (ecological communities) at risk in British Columbia.
Species & Ecosystem Information

Access scientific data and information related to provincial species, ecological communities and environmental trends.