B.C. Inter-Ministry Invasive Species Working Group

Since 2004, the Inter-Ministry Invasive Species Working Group (IMISWG) has provided policy direction, coordination and collaborative delivery of provincial invasive species programs for the Province of B.C. The IMISWG brings together provincial ministries and agencies with invasive species management responsibilities to manage invasive species together through a cross-government approach.

Collaboration, Innovation, and Leadership 

The management of invasive species is increasingly complex. Environmental, social, and economic parameters must be incorporated into the decision-making process. Overarching goals and objectives of the B.C. Government regarding sustainable environmental management, climate change, and working closely with First Nations are all critical to the management of invasive species. The IMISWG collaborates extensively with First Nations and stakeholders, the Invasive Species Council of B.C., local and federal governments, regional invasive species organizations, and neighbouring jurisdictions in the US and Canada.

The IMISWG has piloted new approaches to on-the-ground management of invasive species and developed innovative models for community involvement. It oversees the development and enhancement of biological control of invasive plants and the Early Detection and Rapid Response Program for B.C.  The IMISWG provides for provincial leadership and collaborative approaches to prevent critical invasive plant species from establishing in B.C..  Prevention of high risk aquatic invasive species is also of key importance to the IMISWG.

IMISWG Strategic Approach

The IMISWG takes a strategic approach to the management of invasive species in B.C. Our goals are to:

  1. prevent the establishment of new invasive plant infestations,
  2. reduce the socio-economic and environmental impacts of existing invasive species, and
  3. provide the framework and capacity for the ongoing management of invasive species

IMISWG Sub-Committees

The IMISWG forms species subcommittees or working groups as required to focus on various Provincial Invasive Species policy, technical or collaborative projects, including:

a) Provincial EDRR Advisory

b) Soils and Invasive Species Working Group


Provincial Strategies

A number of strategies have been developed by provincial agencies with the aim of strengthening cross-jurisdiction coordination and collaboration with respect to invasive species prevention and management.

The Invasive Species Strategic Plan (December 2014)(PDF, 1.6MB)
Published by the B.C. Inter-Ministry Invasive Species Working Group
The purpose of this strategy is to guide coordination and integration of Crown land invasive plant management activities.

Invasive Alien Species Framework for B.C. (September 2004)(PDF, 1.5MB)
Published by the B.C. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change

The Invasive Alien Species Framework is a background document on invasive alien species issues that affect biodiversity in British Columbia. It sets out a framework for the use of science, and coordinated involvement of partners, to address the threats to B.C.'s environment and economy posed by invasive alien species.