Search for Fish & Fish Habitat Data & Information

Fish and fish habitat information about freshwater fish species can include fish distribution, population status, and condition/capability of supporting habitats. Much of this information is gathered through fish and habitat inventory surveys undertaken to determine the presence or abundance of a species.

  • Use Fisheries Inventory Data Queries Tool (FIDQ) to search for fish and fish habitat data and information for freshwater water bodies including: 
    • watershed codes
    • waterbody location information
    • fish presence
    • physical lake and stream data
    • obstacles
    • fish stocking records
    • species codes
    • bathymetric maps
    • fish inventory projects
  • Use CLIR to search multiple provincial repositories for species and ecosystem documents and information, including fish, through a single search
  • Use EcoCat to search for reports and information from freshwater fish inventories and projects
  • Use  BC Species And Ecosystem Explorer (BCSEE) for documents on specific fish species, including their conservation status
  • B.C. Fish Fact Sheets