Submit Fish & Fish Habitat Data

The province collects and curates data and information about freshwater fish and fish habitats in B.C. Review the submission processes below for different data types. 

Fish Data Submission Process (FDS)

This process ensures that collected data is entered into the Provincial Fish database and non-permitted data is submitted. The Fish Data Submission (FDS) process is required for Scientific Fish Collection Permit holders.

Submitting Angling Guide Data

Angling guides must report all guiding activity conducted under their Angling Guide Licence. Reporting steps are as follows:

  1. Register for a BCeID
  2. Record your guiding information in the appropriate spreadsheet template: Unclassified Waters (XLS)Classified Waters (XLS)
  3. Login with your BCeID to the Angling Guide Reporting SharePoint site
  4. Submit your guide report using the submission form and completed spreadsheet

Help videos for submitting angling guide data:

Help documents for submitting angling guide data:

Fish Passage Data Submission

The Land Based Investment (LBI) fish passage program is focused on remediating stream crossings that impede freshwater fish migration.