HabitatWizard is a map-based tool that allows users to spatially access detailed fish, wildlife and ecosystem information online.

HabitatWizard displays several spatial layers that can be selected to show all required information.


The application's basemaps include:

  • 1:50,000 Watershed Atlas
  • 1:20,000 Freshwater Atlas
  • Contours
  • Variety of basemap scales


Fish layers available include:

  • Species present data
  • Obstacles to fish
  • Inventoried lakes & streams
  • Invasive aquatic species
  • Links to over 2,500 bathymetric maps

Wildlife layers available include:

  • B.C. wildlife inventory data (incidental, survey & telemetry observations)
  • Endangered species information
  • Wildlife management units

Ecosystem layers available include:

  • Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory
  • Legal & proposed Government Actions Regulation areas
  • Old growth management areas
  • Terrestrial ecosystem map boundary information